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portraits for pet lovers

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How does it work?

Choose a photo

Choose a photo of your dog, cat, horse or any pet that you love. This could be an existing photo, or you could take a new one, just for this purpose.

Pick a style

Choose from 7 different illustrations styles such as a watercolour or pop art portrait. You can add your pets name or a special message too.

We get to work!

Our team will handle the rest. Your beautiful pet portrait will soon arrive right to your door. Simple, right?

sven watercolour portrait

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Create an unique gallery wall

Add a unique gallery wall to your space and make a tribute to all the loved ones in your life.
Sven the macaw really loves his watercolour portraits
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Create your own watercolour


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Best buddies

Misu and Ida are inseparable ❤️

Do you have two, three, four or more cute fur kids in your life, no worries we can illustrate them all together.

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full body sketch pet portrait poster and paw australia

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Photo to Purrrfect Pet Portrait

Create a lasting tribute to your pet by transforming their photo into a treasured piece of artwork.

Use a clear photo of any type of pet – whether it be a dog, cat, horse or bird – and choose your preferred style from our range of options.

Our team of spectacular illustrators will get to work to create the purrrfect masterpiece. One that’s sure to take centre stage on your wall for many years to come.

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watercolour portrait poster and paw australia
archer dog sketch poster and paw australia


The Poster & Paw Creation Process

Our talented and pet-passionate team of illustrators take your photo, and painstakingly hand draw your pet.

Transforming it into a purrrfectly unique work of art and a beautiful pet portrait.

This isn’t a digitalised or instant service, but a custom artwork painted or drawn by hand, just for you. Despite the individual, hand-crafted service, our terrific team can create your artwork in just a few days.

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The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

A unique, customised pet portrait makes the perfect gift for any pet lover. This gift is something that will truly be treasured forever. 

Take that sneaky photo for a beautiful surprise or simply grab a gift card.

Either way, it’s the gift that’s guaranteed to make them smile.

Order your purrrfect pet portrait, today.

There’s nothing more fitting a tribute to your fur baby than a beautiful portrait on your favourite wall.

Get started by choosing your style
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adopted dog poster and paw australia

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About Poster & Paw

At Poster & Paw, we love our pets, just as much as we know you do too. After lovingly commissioning artwork for our own pets, we wanted to bring these same creations to you – in a more accessible way.

Which is why we’ve brought together a talented team of pet-loving illustrators and artists who can swiftly turn any photo into a treasured work of art.

We’re also dedicated to giving back to pets right across Australia with our PetRescue program.

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