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Giving back

We love all our pets and wanted to share the ability to create art-like memories like the ones we had personally commissioned of our own pets.  We offer more than a pet drawing.  We offer a masterpiece which captures the very essence of your pet – for any individual or combination of your loved pets.

pet illustration

We also share the vision of many who support charities focussed on supporting pets.  We have therefore set up a donations page whereby PosterandPaw donates $2 from every sale on our website to PetRescue.  This will allow a pet to have its own profile on PetRescue.

PetRescue - Their story

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity with a vision of a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. Every day, this not-for-profit organisation delivers free pet search and adoption services to thousands of pet lovers.

Since the PetRescue website launched in 2004, it's been the first connection for more than half a million rescue pets and their new families. Today, PetRescue’s free programs and services help millions of Australians discover the joy of adopting a new family member and help more than 950 rescue organisations, shelters, and pounds save the lives of thousands of rescue pets.

Therefore the $2 from every sale that Poster & Paw donates to PetRescue will, each day, provide a pet the voice via one reliable and accessible place to tell its story and connect them with potential adopters across Australia.

Pet Rescue